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Why should I choose Denmark

Welcome to Marry Easy Denmark.

We are here to give you a fast handheld and … help with your marry process in Denmark.

Our job is to make the whole process smooth and stress-free for you, so you only must worry about showing up, and say I DO.

We will help you to apply through the Danish Agency of Family law office, so you can get the approval from the Danish Government office, and if required we will help you with … of the wedding ceremony

We can assist any couple, no matter the situation, country, same sex marriages etc. And we will be available for you 7-days a week and can offer guidance in four different languages:  English, German, Polish or Danish.

Getting married in Denmark without an agency and without preparation, can be a real trial. Our wedding agency will help you to:

Clear all possible bureaucratic obstacles out of the way and make the process of getting married in Denmark, as easy and as smooth as possible.

Arranging your marriage with us, will save you money and time because there is no need to visit your home country specifically to collect various certificates and then send them personally to the chosen Danish municipality.

If you want to get married quickly and simply without bureaucracy and lengthy documents - then contact us.


Why should you choose Denmark?

If you choose to get married in Denmark, there is a short waiting time to get an appointment for a wedding in the desired City Hall.

Denmark is liberal towards foreigners and same-sex couples, who decides to marry in this romantic country.

The whole process from registration to wedding can take as little as just 2 weeks.

All marriages entered in Denmark are internationally valid, and you will receive an international marriage certificate, translated into 5 languages.

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Do we need to bring witnesses?

No, we will arrange for witnesses to validate the ceremony, but you are always welcome to bring your own witnesses – if prefer.

It is important that the witnesses understand the language in which the ceremony is performed. They do not need to show any ID.

How do you get started?

To start the process already today,

Processing the documents:
We will send you an application form that your need to fill out and sign (digital signatures are not accepted). We will also send you a Power of Attorney where you give us your permission to handle your application.

Once we have checked the documents and ensured that everything is in order, we will proceed and forward the documents to The Agency of Family Law under the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs. We expect to receive your approval after 1 week.

Your deposit is non-refundable if you are unable to fulfil the legal requirements, to get married in Denmark.

Once we have received the correct and valid documents and the deposit, we will let you know once your application has been submitted to the authorities, and as soon as we have received your approval

We are very careful that the copies are correct and that they live up to the standards of the Danish Wedding Authorities in order not to delay your application. We might ask for a new copy. But do not worry. With our expertise, we know all about the quality required for all types of document copies. 

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Booking of the wedding:

When we make your application to the Agency of Family Law, we must choose a town hall.

We cannot secure a date until the documents are processed and the town hall has received the electronic approval sent by the Agency of Family Law.

Availability can differ greatly, as some Town halls are more booked than others. If you would like us to book a date quickly and be surer of possible availability once we have received your approval, then a town hall with plenty of availability and one that gets back about appointments is needed.

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Town hall wedding:

A town hall wedding is possible at any town hall in Denmark, including the historical Wedding Hall in Copenhagen.

In Denmark there are two main airports, Copenhagen International airport in Sjaelland and Billund Airport in Jutland and there are town halls we work with that are close to these making those town halls very practical locations in terms of time and travel. 

We also work with town halls that are an easy drive from the German border which is great for our couples coming from Germany. 

You may, instead, be looking for somewhere more rural and natural to have your wedding and, in that case, you can travel a little further away from the larger Danish cities. 

There are some stunning locations around the country, and its different islands, that will offer a more adventurous take on your elopement in Denmark.

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What documents do I need to bring to Denmark?

The registration of your passport and, if available, identification card/ID will take place 15 minutes before your wedding

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What is an apostille?

Apostille is a stamp from the Danish Foreign Ministry attached to your marriage certificate, legalizing the signatures on said marriage certificate. 

We highly recommend that you get the apostille stamp, since many countries that are not obliged to demand an apostille stamp, still demand it. 

The apostille stamp does not have an expiration date.

Please contact us, if you have questions about which country that will require the stamp. 

Price for our service within eu: 200€, outsider eu: 250€

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Cancellation of your wedding; If you cancel after we have received the deposit and before we have submitted the application, a refund of 370 € is offered.

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